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KCC - Vertical Current's Bright Side of Midnight

*I am super late with this post but. . . better late than never ;-)*

I really love good food and good music! So I love being able to combine the two- especially if I also have great company!

Saturday- August 2nd was no exception!  With the release of their first full-length album, Vertical Current took to the Warmdaddy's stage to celebrate! I was happy to have my girl friend/lil sis there with me!

While the members of this exciting band are able to complement one another's strengths, they also bring on guests that seem to add an extra oomph to their shows! To start the night off, the audience was introduced to the group- Ode to OmniIt was the first time that my friend and I had heard them and we were definitely impressed! Other special guests (who also appear on the album) were Chartel Findlater, Shelia Moser (aka Lee Mo), Rick Tate Jr. and El' Ahmad Barak!

Bright Side of Midnight was released on July 29th and it offers 11 tracks of amazing music! Whether it's taking on classics like Summer Time (feat. Lee Mo) and What the World Needs Now (feat. Chartel) or original pieces like Voice on the Water and Bright Side of Midnight, Vertical Current is sure to keep listeners intrigued!

As usual, I was blown away by VC's performance! At the beginning of their set, I thought they were playing Over the Top [one of my favorite tracks from their 2011 EP entitled, "aRe"] but it turned out to be a medley of several tracks from the project! The way that VC blended their songs together was creative and seamless.

Something that I really enjoy about this group of musicians is the fact that you can feel the passion in their music- whether or not the song they're performing has lyrics!  I definitely believe that music can spark an emotion within you. And VC is successful in conveying a message/feeling of hope and love to (and within) their listeners! Just listen to Get Up! Oh my goodness!

If you don't know of them, you need to!  Click the links below and check out some clips from the album release celebration!

Bright Side of Midnight is available on sites like Google Play, iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon!

Check out VC's website to see when they'll be in a city near you! You won't be disappointed!

**And as far as food, I had the cheese steak rolls with secret sauce! I don't know what that sauce is made out of but I definitely took a container of it back home! Delicious!**


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